Hour 48: fin.

WE DID IT! 48 hours of community reading, and so much book love across so many different platforms. First up, take a breath and pat yourselves on the back, because you all ROCK.

gif of President Biden and Dr. Biden celebrating and clapping in a library

This little corner of the bookish internet has grown and changed and evolved over the nine (NINE!?) years we’ve been doing #24in48. It had one host (Rachel) and 16 participants; then two hosts and a few hundred participants; then three hosts and, at one point, over 2,000 readers. We’ve scaled the event up and down and up and back down again. We’ve made mistakes (plenty of them), had a few trolls (thanks, internet!), and met so many incredible, amazing, astounding, oh-my-gosh-I’m-using-too-many-adjectives readers. 

FEELINGS. We’ve got them. About this event, about the bookternet, about each other, and, mostly, about all of you for coming along on this reading journey with us. We hope you love it as much as we do. Until next time, 


Rachel, Kristen, and Kerry

gif of stephen colbert crying saying “i just feel like my heart is going to burst because it’s full of rainbows”

P.S. Stay tuned for a wrap-up post sharing what you all logged in the February 2021 Book Log later this week; and don’t forget to log your books there if you haven’t already!


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