Hour 36: the home stretch

It’s the final countdown, the home stretch, the end of the road, the last mile of the journey, the fourth quarter, and every other time metaphor or trite saying you can think of. 

You’re doing so great, you’re doing so well, we’re so happy you’re here and so proud of every moment you’ve devoted to reading this weekend. 

Top off your water, open a window and take a deep breath of fresh air, give us a stretch. We’re in this til the end with you; see you at the finish line! 

gif of beyonce reading to her children

While you’re here, don’t forget:

  • Follow us on social media for more updates. We’re most active Instagram and Twitter throughout the weekend, though we do try to keep our Facebook page updated as well.
  • Cheer on others! Search the hashtag #24in48, #24in48Readathon, and #24in48GroupRead to see what others are up to, and cheer them on! (Side note on hashtags: For accessibility purposes, we ask participants to please remember to use capitalization in the hashtags.)

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