Hour 3: Why Hello There!

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YOU GUYS. It’s #24in48 weekend, we’re three hours in, and THINGS. ARE. HAPPENING.

Animated gif from The Good Place with the caption, OKAY, HERE WE GO.

(Ok, let’s be real: for some of us, sleep is happening, because it’s the middle of the night. But if you’re awake and reading because you are THE BOSS and/or are in a timezone where it is not the middle of the night, LOOK AT YOU GO!)

If this is your first time joining us for #24in48, or your first time joining in a while, let’s go over some of the basics we get asked a lot as the weekend kicks off:

First, and most importantly, it’s not too late to sign up! You do need to be officially signed up in order to be eligible to win door prizes, challenge prizes, and/or 24-hour completion prizes. And yes, we will check. (Can’t remember if you already signed up? Check the list of July 2019 #24in48 participants here.)

Also, don’t forget to check out the Intro post at Hour 0 to be sure other readers around the world get a chance to know you. And then hop around to other’s intro posts to see who else is participating! Cheers and encouragement from other #24in48 participants are one of the best parts of the whole weekend, so don’t be shy.

We’re trying something new this time around: going Live on Instagram! We have no idea what we’re doing, but we’re doing it anyway! Catch Kristen on Insagram Live at Hour 10 (10am EST!).

We hope you’re all settling in for an amazing weekend of reading and connecting with other readers. Feel free to send us any questions on TwitterInstagram or via email, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. You can also check out the FAQ page for answers to the more commonly asked questions.

Get it? Got it? Good. Now back to the books!

While you’re here! Don’t forget to check back at Hour 9 for our first door prize drawing of the weekend, and be sure to enter the first prize challenge coming up at Hour 6 for even more chances to win a prize!

As in recent ‘thons, we’re aiming to keep track of ALL of the books read during the #24in48 weekend. Enter the titles of all the books you’ve finished in this form, and then pop over to our July 2019 24in48 Goodreads shelf to see what others have been reading during the weekend!

Are you ready to #24in48!?

HELLO READERS! We are so, so excited about the upcoming #24in48, we can barely contain ourselves. Your co-hosts are working frantically behind the scenes to be sure everything is ready for the weekend, and in the meantime, we wanted to be sure to share a few key highlights as we count down these last two days to the official ‘thon kickoff.

FIRST UP: Be sure to subscribe to our site via email to receive notifications/alerts when a new post goes live (link in sidebar!). This is the easiest way to ensure you don’t miss a check-in/door prize announcement, or a challenge to participate in! 

A new post goes live on the site every three hours, and if it’s your first time joining us and you have questions about how the challenges work, DON’T WORRY: just wait and see! Trust us, we give you all the instructions in the post! And if, by chance, you do miss an email notification, we push all of our posts to our various social platforms when they go live; we don’t want any of you to miss them either! 

Your hosts have picked our book stacks for the weekend, and given a little explanation of why we picked what we did. (While there are no rules or requirements for your weekend reading, we do encourage everyone to read diversely and to have a larger stack than you may need for the weekend so you have options to choose from!)

Hour 0, aka the official kickoff of the July #24in48 readathon, will be at 12:01am on Saturday, July 20th, Eastern time. You can find a time zone converter to track the official hours in your own time zone here, or if you prefer to adjust Hour 0 to be 12:01am on Saturday in your own time zone, that’s fine too! We cover that all in our FAQ, which also has answers to lots of other commonly asked questions (What if I don’t read 24 hours? How do I win prizes? Where do I sign up?)

Speaking of sign ups, make sure you sign up! We’ll have lots of prizes over the weekend – door prizes, challenge prizes, and special prize pack chances for those of you who manage to read the full 24 hours – but prizes are only available to those who are officially signed up for the ‘thon. You can sign up here, or check whether or not you already did sign up here.

ron weasley eats and reads

Get your snack stacks as ready as your book stacks, be sure to follow us on social media and be ready to check back here for regular updates throughout the weekend, and you’ll be ready to #24in48! We can’t wait to start reading with you all… let the countdown begin!

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HOUR 45: Friends Forever

Ok, friends. Fair warning: I’m happy, I’m book-drunk, I spent the weekend working on one of the most amazing book projects I know of with two of the most amazing women I know. I’m about to get sappy on you.

See, the thing about #24in48 is that it’s more than just a reading event. It’s a worldwide, simultaneous readalong. It’s a chance to share your love of books with other readers. It’s also a chance to get to know those other readers. And sure, those bookternet friendships may start on the internet, but they can blossom into so, so much more.

So as we stare down the last few hours of another #24in48, let’s take a moment to appreciate the community of this weekend. The incredible people all around the world who love books just as much as you do. The internet friendships that become lifelong friendships. Here’s to all of you.

If you stuck through all that sappiness to the very end, you’re in luck! Because I’ve got more door prize winners for you:

Julianne @ Outlandish Lit

Christie Aguasin

Viktoria Metodieva

Danielle Rocha Gonzales 

Kate Waggoner

Rachel Rencher

Samantha Garrett

Chantel McCray

Janice Friedel

Dominique Marlow

Check out the Prize Page to select your prize. And don’t forget to check the past hourly posts to see if you won an earlier door or challenge prize.

co-hosts Kerry, Rachel, and Kristen offer cheers from a boat in a selfie taken by Kristen

Cheers from your three co-hosts!

And now I’m off to the books, sending bookish love to all of you and to my fellow co-hosts around the world.

Reminder: This 24in48, we’re trying to log every book read this weekend! Track your books as you finish them here, and follow along on Goodreads!

HOUR 39: Everybody Move!

Remember when Andre the Giant parts the crowd for Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride? He’s so imposing that all he has to do is shout and everyone scatters:

“Everybody move!”

Well, picture me shouting this at you. Not that you have to scatter, of course, but this far into the ‘thon, it’s time to get up and move around. Have a little dance party, get yourself a glass of water, go for a walk around the block, do some downward-facing dog, find a new reading spot, shake out your arms, stretch your neck and back. Whatever your fancy, find a way to move, adjust, and realign yourself for the home stretch of this magical weekend. Because we’ve got less than 10 hours to go!

Before you all get up to move, check out this hour’s door prize winners:

Cassandra Lozano

Erin Walton

Dida Hernandez

Rebecca Bailey

Meg lawson

Jill Kilgore

Rob Brock

Lilli Burril

Nancy Wiseman

Kendra Winchester

Check out the Prize Page to claim your prize if your name was pulled here (and be sure to check the past hourly posts to see if you won a previous door or challenge prize, too).

And now, MOVE!

Dance Party!

Reminder: This 24in48, we’re trying to log every book read this weekend! Track your books as you finish them here, and follow along on Goodreads!


HOUR 33: We’re on to Day Two!

I’m awake! I’m awake! It’s 9am here at HQ, and co-hosts Kristen and I are officially starting Day 2 (Rachel has been on Day 2 for a while now because she’s in the future, a.k.a. time zones are crazy like that). We’re showered, we’re coffee-ed, we’re curled up with our laptops and book stacks, and we’re ready to go.

I love these morning hours because it’s the time when the three of us are all awake at the same time, comparing notes and handing off tasks and trying to make things operate as smoothly as possible on the backend. But I also love the morning hours because they are full of a new, fresh (and hopefully well-rested!) energy for those of us just waking up. And we can help recharge those of you who have been going strong for hours while we all slept the night away!

While we’re all three awake, then, let’s hear the all of it. What’s the best book you’ve read so far? Have you made any new bookternet friends? Added things to your TBR list? Taken a bunch of naps? Eaten the best snacks? Do tell, do tell.

And, lest you thought I forgot, I’m coming at you with some fresh door prize winners:

Melissa Railey

Barbara Walker

Katie Charles

Kelly Grissel

Kate Kaput

Nicole Sinclair

Libby Gregory

Kailee McMahon

Heather Horgan

Pamela Horton

As per the usual, check out the Prize Page to select your swag if your name’s listed above, and don’t forget to check the past hourly posts to see if you won an earlier door or challenge prize.

Reminder: This 24in48, we’re trying to log every book read this weekend! Track your books as you finish them here, and follow along on Goodreads!

HOUR 27: Do the Thing!

We’re past the halfway point, and you all are DOING THE THING. Gosh, my bookish little heart could just explode with happiness (in my dreams, of course, because in my time zone, it’s 3am and I am definitely, absolutely fast asleep).

(This is me, cheering for you all right now.)

If it’s not the middle of the night where you are (or even if it is! Some people don’t need sleep as much as I do, I suppose…), check in and let us all know how it’s going. What are you reading? How are you feeling? What’s been the best part so far?

And if you have a few minutes, don’t forget to take a glance at the #24in48 hashtag to cheer on other participants. You might even connect with someone else in your time zone for real-time chats.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget to pull some new door prize winners before I headed to bed for the night.

Mallory (@maladymilady)

Katie (@kjrogers3)

Claudia Rollo

Kendra Allen

Danielle Murray

Monica Sue-Ann Matthews-Rios

Gargi (@captain_lunareine)

Mary Clements

Savannah Dickerson

Amanda Huggett

If you see your name here (or on any of the past hourly posts!), check the Prize Page to select your prize. And stay tuned for more chances to win for the rest of the day!

Reminder: This 24in48, we’re trying to log every book read this weekend! Track your books as you finish them here, and follow along on Goodreads!

HOUR 21: The Doctor Will See You Now

We’ve been going *almost* 24 hours, and I know that some of you are probably starting to wane. But never fear! The Doctor is here to help.The Doctor yells with the caption, "When people need help, I never refuse."

You hear that? The Doctor never refuses. So as a reminder, you are doing a FANTASTIC job.The Doctor smiles with the caption, "Fantastic." No, really, you are.Ok, now that we’ve convinced you of the excellent work you’re all doing, let’s grab some new door prize winners!

Keltie Robertson

Bethany Vos

Alex Klein

Lori Murray

Kelly L. (@library_fairy)

Rachel Despins

Carrie Anderson

Sara P. Campbell

Tanya Sutton

Jess Roberts

Scoot over to the Prize Page to pick your prize if you won (and don’t forget to check past hourly posts to see if you won earlier today!).

Now… back to the books! You got this!

Reminder: This 24in48, we’re trying to log every book read this weekend! Track your books as you finish them here, and follow along on Goodreads!