Hour 42 Check-In

Holy cats, batman, this weekend has flown by!

There are six hours left in the official 24-in-48 readathon timeline (though you know we like to keep things lax around here, so maybe there are more or less hours left in your version of this readathon).

With the end in sight, do you think you’ll hit 24 hours of reading? What’s the best book you’ve read so far? What’s the best snack you’ve eaten? TELL US EVERYTHING.

After a quick break to move around (impromptu dance party, anyone?) and get the blood flowing again, it’s time to double back down on the books. Six hours is a lot of time to catch up/keep up/hit your reading goals, but if it goes as quickly as the rest of this weekend has, you know midnight will be here before we know it!

house colbert dancing


Hour 36 Check-In + Prize Winner

Twelve hours left to go, and you guys are going strong!! Some of you in other timezones or on different schedules are already done and I’m so impressed with the bookishness that’s happening. You’re all amazing readers and I’m totally these guys right now:


It’s lunch time here in NYC, and I’ve got a wonderful cold spicy peanut chicken soba salad to snack on. Perfect for this hot summer day.

You know what else is perfect for a hot summer day? MORE BOOKS! (Duh. What did you think I was going to say?) Lots of you posted your answers to my scary, freezer book question, and I thank you. Now I know which books to avoid ;). Without further ado, the winner of the Hour 24 giveaway is:

Kacie from Kacie’s Bookshelf!!

Keep an eye out for an email from me soon.

And just like last time, I’ve got another prize pack to give away!!

Gulp by Mary Roach
Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan
The Republic of Imagination by Azar Nafisi
The Last Bookaneer by Matthew Pearl
The Merman by Carl-Johan Vallgren

To win this pack, leave a comment and tell me the best book you’ve read during the readathon. I’ll select a winner at the finish line at Hour 48.

Happy reading!

Hour 30 Check-In

This is another guest post from Kristen. 

It is day two, and we are back with another chipper 6AM check-in. Is our perkiness the worst, or the best? You get to decide…just don’t tell us unless it’s the good one.


How is everyone hanging in? More importantly, how are the books? Has anything blown your mind? Have you DNFed a few? This is exactly the sort of conversation we can/want to have over social media, so hop on over if you have things to say or leave your progress in the comments here. We’re listening, and so are almost 200 other people, which is just so dang awesome.

Think about all the people that are reading along with you! Think about how many thousands of pages we have read together, how many new ideas we’ve encountered, how many familiar passages we’ve savored. Think about the cups of coffee, the inevitable ice cream, the “shush, I’m reading” chorus happening across the miles as we read separately, but together.


It might be the lack of any sort of solid/normal sleep regimen getting to me, but I’m pulling the sap out to say: that’s my favorite part about this whole thing, and I’m glad you’re here at 6AM to share it with me.

Hour 24 Check-In – Halfway Mark!

If you’re on the East Coast (though many of you aren’t), it is midnight and the halfway point! Hooray! Exciting! WHEEE!!! Are you getting sleepy yet?

boo sleepy

Keep going, you can do it! Maybe a prize announcement will help keep you awake? The winner (randomly chosen) is…


(Of Veggie Bolognese Fame. You’ll get an email from me later today when I’m awake and have had coffee.)


Know what’s even better? ANOTHER PRIZE PACK! This time a set of mystery and thriller galleys of these titles:

Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter
And Sometimes I Wonder About You by Walter Mosley
The Winter Family by Clifford Jackman
Descent by Tim Johnson
Written in the Blood by Stephen Lloyd Jones

So to win this pack, leave a comment, tell me how many books you’ve read so far and then tell me what’s the most recent book you’ve read that’s made you want to put it in the freezer. I wish I had a pick to add to this but I’m a complete wimp about scary books. But give me yours and I’ll draw a winner in 12 hours at noon today.

You guys are doing great, it’s been so wonderful to talk to everyone on Twitter and Instagram. Keep going! Yew kan dew eet!

no sleepOkay, just kidding. You can sleep. See you guys at 6am for another update.

Hour 12 Check-In + Prize Time

The thing I love about this readathon is that jumping into the hashtag on Twitter, means that you find people who’ve been reading for 2 hours or 12 hours or 15 hours, just depending on their lives and their schedules. It’s never – in its history – been anything but laid back. Just a bunch of people getting together to read a bunch of books over a weekend.

reading pictures

So, with that in mind, thanks to the 190 191 192 of you who have signed up so far. Nothing makes #24in48 better than a whole lot of people doing it together. Good food during the ‘thon takes a close 2nd though. We’re officially 12 hours in, and pretty soon I’m going to take a break to make a Grilled Margherita Sandwich (I’m adding prosciutto to my version) which I’m super excited about.

grilled margherita sandwiches

Leave a comment with the meal or snack you’re most excited about the comments, and at midnight (12 hours from now) I’ll choose a winner, who will receive a prize pack of these books:

Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy by Karen Abbott
Island of a Thousand Mirrors by Nayomi Munaweera
Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan
The Last Kind Words Saloon by Larry McMurtry
The Wonder of All Things by Jason Mott

Let me have it. What are you most excited to eat this weekend?

Hour Six Check-In

This is a guest post from Kristen, who is covering early morning duty. 

Welcome to 6AM on a Saturday! The best thing about this first check-in is that there isn’t much math involved. I don’t have to take a significant amount of time to count how long it’s been, how many pages I’ve read, or how may bowls of snacks I’ve gone through because we are just getting started!


If you’re just waking up, Hi! Welcome! You get a gold star for being here! If you’re off to take a nap, don’t sleep for too long…and you also get a gold star for starting right at midnight and lasting this long (the Red Bull kept you going, didn’t it? The first one is always the best.).

Now seems like a good time, whatever your status, to take a break. Walk the dog, make a fresh pot of coffee, steep those tea bags, and take some deep breaths to get your brain juices flowing. We have SO much reading to do, friends! As you finish and start to settle back in with your next read, consider popping over to your social media / blog /vlog platform of choice and checking in! Search the hashtag and do some catching up, maybe give out a few comments and favorites to wake your fellow readers up before you dive back into your own pages. Remember to turn them quietly, though, so you don’t wake up everyone else around you. The rest of the world remains asleep (lame) while we valiant readers carry on.

Welcome to #24in48 – July 2015 Edition! It Begins!

Hello, you gorgeous readers out there in #24in48 land!

This is the official start of the readathon, as it is 12:00am ET on Saturday, July 11. Just a reminder that you can still sign up here and you can do so throughout the weekend.

Keep your eyes on this blog every six hours or so for an update, with possible prize packs available and check-ins to do. You should also follow the official Twitter handle at @24in48readathon and the official hashtag #24in48 where most of the convo is happening. I may even be doing a couple of sprints from that account, depending on how the weekend is going. You can also follow my personal Instagram account if you’re on IG this weekend.

Shoutout to both Kristen and Kerry who helped write some of the check in posts for the weekend (they’ll be marked appropriately), and who are both just generally the best moral support a readathon creator can have.

Those are the nitty gritty details. Have a great readathon weekend, everyone!! I have faith that you – YES, YOU – can hit your readathon goals. (Excuse to use Meryl gif.)


(If you’re interested in who has already signed up, here you go: