Hour Nine: Yum, Yum in My Tum

The most epic of #readathongoals is when you can not only spend the weekend free of responsibilities just to read, but when you also have a serious support crew that will do things like make you breakfast or bring you a mug of tea just the way you like it. During readathon weekend (especially Day One), I’m a big fan of a good breakfast a little later in the morning once I’ve been up and reading for a few hours, something that will last me until a late lunch at least. For me, that’s an everything bagel with schmear, lox, and all the fixings. (NOM).

So tell me, what are you digging into this morning? And more importantly, have you convinced someone to make it for you?

I’m not at all sorry for that gif, right there.

I suppose if you can’t have pancakes, free books are a good consolation prize. So here’s some more prize winners:

Melissa (on Instagram @agalaxyofbooks)
Anouchka (on Twitter @xAnouchka)
Rachel Hearn (on Instagram @rachelmhearn)
Andi @ Estella’s Revenge
Amanda Meter (on Instagram @amandameter)
Erin Mendoza (on Litsy @SheReads3)
Delmy (on Instagram @_the_browneyed_girl_)
Lerato (on Instagram @clockworkreader)

But really, let’s all hope for some pancakes today too. You can also still enter the Hour Six Shelfie challenge too!


127 thoughts on “Hour Nine: Yum, Yum in My Tum

  1. I had cereal this morning and the most gorgeous tomato and cheese on toast at a Portugese cafe. They do lovely homemade lemonade too! Settling down with a book I bought today at an English bookstore. 🙂


  2. I just had dinner so I’m not much for snacking at the moment. But I brought some choco pies for when the midnight cravings hit (which will be allnight cravings tonight as I am planning stay awake to read)


  3. Pauliina Vuorinen says:

    I convinced my husband to bake some awesome lemon muffins! I’m trying to stretch the need to make lunch as long as possible before I pause reading, so living with chocolate and lemon muffins for now 😂


  4. Stella says:

    I’ll probably be eating a sandwich for lunch, and maybe a smoothie too? If I’m lucky I can get my parents to make it for me, but I probably have to do it myself.


  5. Austin Robinson says:

    I made myself a turkey bacon, egg, and spinach sandwich with a side of strawberries, blueberries, and milky Earl Grey tea. It’s been a wonderfully productive morning so far as I’ve already cleaned my room and done laundry while listening to an audiobook.


  6. Soubhi Kiewiet says:

    I had tea, granola, and yogurt at 5 am, and just finished a bowl of fresh blackberries. In an hour or two when my hubby wakes up, we’ll probably have French toast, but I’ll be the one making it (we’re all safer that way!


  7. al13ex says:

    My husband-to-be made me a cheesy omlette for breakfast and we’re negotiating pizza right now. He’s the best support crew I could wish for and he knows very well how I like my tea and coffee.


  8. My husband is awesome readathon support and will N be making waffles later. He’s also going to pick up my favourite sandwich for my lunch. Did I mention he rocks?!?!?


  9. Tracy says:

    I haven’t decided on a breakfast yet and my hubby is still asleep so I’m on my own. It will involve lots of coffee however.
    Litsy- @tracy_anne8


  10. I’m the same way! I just woke up and I’m waiting for the coffee to kick in while I listen to Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. Once it does, I’m thinking scrambled eggs =)


  11. Cynthia Desgagné says:

    Homemade rice crispies made by my mom and chocolate milk. I’ll snack on some fresh-from-the-garden rapsberries later.


  12. Beth O'Sullivan says:

    Breakfast sandwich and a big old cup of tea. I’m on the west coast so the house is still silent and peaceful. Just me and my book. 💙 (instagram @bethsbookblog)


  13. Rebekah says:

    Congrats to the winners so far!

    9 hour check in … Brunch was fend for yourself. I had a Nice & Natural Mix Berry Chocolate Fruit and Nut Bar w/a coffee. For dinner I paused my readathon progress and made grilled cheese sandwiches and guacamole. Nom nom

    monkeygirlsmama’s post on Litsy


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