Hour Nine: Yum, Yum in My Tum

The most epic of #readathongoals is when you can not only spend the weekend free of responsibilities just to read, but when you also have a serious support crew that will do things like make you breakfast or bring you a mug of tea just the way you like it. During readathon weekend (especially Day One), I’m a big fan of a good breakfast a little later in the morning once I’ve been up and reading for a few hours, something that will last me until a late lunch at least. For me, that’s an everything bagel with schmear, lox, and all the fixings. (NOM).

So tell me, what are you digging into this morning? And more importantly, have you convinced someone to make it for you?

I’m not at all sorry for that gif, right there.

I suppose if you can’t have pancakes, free books are a good consolation prize. So here’s some more prize winners:

Melissa (on Instagram @agalaxyofbooks)
Anouchka (on Twitter @xAnouchka)
Rachel Hearn (on Instagram @rachelmhearn)
Andi @ Estella’s Revenge
Amanda Meter (on Instagram @amandameter)
Erin Mendoza (on Litsy @SheReads3)
Delmy (on Instagram @_the_browneyed_girl_)
Lerato (on Instagram @clockworkreader)

But really, let’s all hope for some pancakes today too. You can also still enter the Hour Six Shelfie challenge too!


127 thoughts on “Hour Nine: Yum, Yum in My Tum

  1. msjennamorrison says:

    2 cups of coffee and a Little Debbie cupcake. I’ve got some lemonade and a protein bar next to me for a mid morning snack and may duck into the kitchen for some yogurt right now while I’m on a break.


  2. Nephele says:

    Coffee! Number one readathon breakfast item. But also hard boiled eggs and some almond danish. Fuel for many reading hours to come, plus easy to pull together.


  3. I had my normal breakfast and made it myself: a large cup of tea, two pieces of whole wheat toast with Irish butter, and a Siggi’s yogurt. This morning’s yogurt was cherry, my favorite fruit. Lunch will be more interesting: veggie tamales, black beans and Spanish rice, and a can of Iron Beer (a Cuban root beer).


  4. Charlene Maloney says:

    I read for a bit, then took a walk to Tim Hortons for a breakfast wrap and coffee. Also bought some Timbits to snack on later.


  5. It looks like I’m skipping breakfast (oops!) and I’m not sure what’s for lunch yet. Maybe we’ll go down to our corner pizzeria and grab slices? I think we’re making enchiladas for dinner.


  6. Bridgett Kiefer says:

    I prepared a homemade pizza and deviled eggs to nosh on today. So I had a little bit of that and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Weird combo but quite nourishing!


  7. I’m in the middle of eating a breakfast sandwich with a large iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. I did have to go get it *myself* but I think I’ll survive πŸ™‚

    I also have plenty of snacks for the rest of the day!


  8. Lauren Cripps (@cats_food_books) says:

    I had granola and yogurt – yummy and healthy…but there are some leftover pancakes in the fridge and that gif up above reminded me that they’re in there, just waiting for me to dig in…maybe I’ll have second breakfast?


  9. Johanna Ross says:

    The little guy and I just went out for breakfast and had bacon, eggs and salt rising toast. Eating out with a 19mo old child is not easy, guys. Now he’s down for a nap and I can get some reading done!


  10. Chrissy Jordan says:

    I got a late start so I rolled with a burger and some pineapple coconut juice as brunch. No breakfast foods today. And it’s too sweltering for coffee but I will have some iced coffee this afternoon as a pick-me-up. πŸ™‚ No napping today since I got such a late reading start after the gym!


  11. For breakfast I’m having some pancakes and a big cup of coffee. There’s no one to make it for me though. I slept a bit more than I wanted to so I’m getting a late start but I have nothing else planned for today but reading!


  12. Monica Santana says:

    Apple slices with peanut butter. Some good carbs and protein to give me energy for reading til lunch. Actually yes, my 11 year old sliced my apple for me bc he was making it for himself as it’s his favorite snack. Huge rain storm coming through right now so I’m nestled in for some quality reading!


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