Hour Nine: Yum, Yum in My Tum

The most epic of #readathongoals is when you can not only spend the weekend free of responsibilities just to read, but when you also have a serious support crew that will do things like make you breakfast or bring you a mug of tea just the way you like it. During readathon weekend (especially Day One), I’m a big fan of a good breakfast a little later in the morning once I’ve been up and reading for a few hours, something that will last me until a late lunch at least. For me, that’s an everything bagel with schmear, lox, and all the fixings. (NOM).

So tell me, what are you digging into this morning? And more importantly, have you convinced someone to make it for you?

I’m not at all sorry for that gif, right there.

I suppose if you can’t have pancakes, free books are a good consolation prize. So here’s some more prize winners:

Melissa (on Instagram @agalaxyofbooks)
Anouchka (on Twitter @xAnouchka)
Rachel Hearn (on Instagram @rachelmhearn)
Andi @ Estella’s Revenge
Amanda Meter (on Instagram @amandameter)
Erin Mendoza (on Litsy @SheReads3)
Delmy (on Instagram @_the_browneyed_girl_)
Lerato (on Instagram @clockworkreader)

But really, let’s all hope for some pancakes today too. You can also still enter the Hour Six Shelfie challenge too!


127 thoughts on “Hour Nine: Yum, Yum in My Tum

  1. Juli says:

    I enjoyed a pre-walk breakfast of yogurt with honey, a chocolate chip granola bar, half an orange and a banana. Following a great morning walk my husband and I took a trip to McDonalds. Grabbed myself an Egg McMuffin and a McCafe and I’m back to the reading. Or, I will be once I update my blog.


  2. arcticerin says:

    I started a beef stew in the crock pot before I went to bed. It’s cold and rainy in northern Alaska! And a good stew is gonna be my go to all weekend. With copious amounts of coffee, of course!

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  3. I’ve read for just over three hours so far. (Since I woke up two or so hours ago, “social stuff” has occupied my time.)

    But for breakfast, I had cottage cheese and jello salad! Made with fruit by my mother. 🙂

    And I’m also drinking a Mountain Dew. I NEED the caffeine!

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  4. I had gatorade, coffee and some caramel/salted pretzel chocolate yogurt. Lunch is coming up soon and I don’t know yet what that will be. We’ll see what I can sweet talk the fiancee into.


  5. Nope, nobody made my breakfast. In fact, I had to serve breakfast (cereal) for myself and my children, and then I convinced my husband to take the littles outside for a bit so I could listen to one of my audiobooks and do the prep cutting for a crock pot dinner. Then my phone battery died and I didn’t get ANY reading done while I was prepping dinner! I was miffed to lose the time, but it’s my own fault for not making sure my battery was charged.

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