Hour 15: Shake Things Up

FRIENDS. We’re 15 hours into this thing! We’re hitting our stride! We’re assessing our snack piles, stretching our limbs, and checking in with each other.

For us old hats, this is inevitably the time when we assess all systems. Is this chair comfortable? Are we getting sleepy? Is there enough light? Are we really enjoying this book, or is it dragging? Do we need a caffeine boost?

While the answer to that last question is almost always yes, wherever you find yourself at this moment, the best laid plans almost always go awry. You plan on reading five books and only get through two. You’re gonna knock out 18 hours on the first day, but you fall asleep on the couch and now you’re behind.

This hour is also when we remind you to take a deep breath and switch things up. There’s no wrong way to do this readathon, AND there’s no right way. Make your own reading magic however you can. Check in online to get some support. Move to a different room. Switch up your format or genre, or take a break altogether.

Share your favorite way to maintain your readathon mojo in the comments below, and don’t forget to complete the Hour 12 Challenge!

This hour’s door prize winners:

Ashley Nicoletto

Christine Traner

Daena Diaz

Melissa Flim

Sabrina Unrein

Callie Pastor

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71 thoughts on “Hour 15: Shake Things Up

  1. Share your favorite way to maintain your readathon mojo:

    Little breaks, snacks, walking, letting the dogs, out, small chores, return, repeat. Never convincing my mind I can’t do this, and also taking breaks to research aspects or topics of my book I did not know or know little about!


  2. April says:

    I’ve got to move around a a lot and go to different places! So I’m currently leaving myself home and heading to the library, and tonight I’ll hit up a local coffee shop!


  3. Coffee. More coffee. Third coffee. And banana bread. Delicious banana-y carbs.

    I’m almost done with this stack of academic texts and I haven’t even hit academic speak burnout yet. So I might keep going with the nonfiction after this! Hooray for learning!!


  4. Kara says:

    No one will leave me alooooooone and I’m so behind. Favorite is definitely a blanket and something caffeinated. And easy background noise!


  5. Nephele says:

    Audiobooks are the best way to change things up for me, because I can “read” and walk and stretch and not just sit on the couch. It’s good to have a break so I don’t end up getting too stiff.

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  6. This is my first readathon ever and I am learning that keeping your moral and concentration up is very important! I created a page in my bullet journal to help with just that! I created some “side quests”, or activities/breaks to do to get me up and moving. You can find it here: https://twitter.com/FierceFabFemme/status/956732515774996482

    I’ve also made sure to have plenty of coffee and tea. I LOVE my french press and use it to make cold brew, I also love instant coffee because it’s fast and you can make as much or as little as you want.

    Keeping up with the goings-on on Twitter and Instagram has been very fun and motivating for me as well. I found a few great “ambient sound” videos on Youtube that have been SO AMAZING to have playing in the background. I posted a thread of them here: https://twitter.com/FierceFabFemme/status/957078069461770240


  7. Andrea Eastman says:

    I took a short power nap and after I finish my current book, I plan to switch to an audiobook and cross stitch for a little bit.


  8. Coffee and then some more coffee. Coffee coffee coffee !! in Lorelai Gilmore fashion.
    If this doesn’t help( it almost certainly does), jig a little, shake things up, go for a little muscle flexing or running or do some creative like journalling or googling 😉( it is counted as creative, ain’t it ? )

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  9. Kristin Mauk Bowe says:

    I am a first timer, but I have several books with small sections that I am reading whenever I feel like I need to quit. It revitalizes me and I can go a little longer.

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  10. Lizpixie says:

    I like to switch things up, an audiobook while doing housework, cooking or even having a bath, or audiopuzzling or audiocolouring, then I’ll switch to a print book (I also try to keep my shorter books for readathons so I can have some variety instead of being stuck in a chunkster) lots of water, herbal tea with the odd caffeinated beverage thrown in to really wake me up. And plenty of snacks, especially fruit. And enjoy it! Don’t stress about your times, just have fun. It’ll all work out, if you don’t do 24 this time, there’s always the next one. Happy ‘thoning everyone!🙋🏻‍♀️💕


  11. Janet Goodell says:

    I had to grocery shop and run errands today so shake-up with audio is a natural. At home, I never sit/lie for long. Getting a drink and stretching help a lot.


  12. I just took a 20 minute walk with my doggos. It’s gloomy outside, but very brisk, so it deinitely woke me up. Now organizing some snacks and thinking about what I’m ordering for dinner for the fam.


  13. Adele (@AdeleReads on Litsy) says:

    Switch between book formats –e.g. print to audiobook– and grab a new snack. Taking a walk is good, too, but it’s rainy here today so not as tempting.


  14. saresmoore says:

    I like to switch to audio and do household chores or practice some self-care. I painted my nails today! I also took a long-ish break to play with my nephew and have some social family time.


  15. Dalindcy Koolhoven says:

    For me, it helps to change locations and take frequent breaks. At least every 2 hours I get up, put my book down for about 5 mins and stretch a bit. Maybe get myself a cup of tea or something. When I do that I can usually dive back in afterwards with new concentration!


  16. Katie says:

    Such great motivation in the comments, you all! So inspired by you!! I’m about to head out to the library, crutches and all – that’s how I get my second wind during readathons! Libraries, bookstores, friends’ book stashes… I find getting up and out and getting a new pile to dive into (even if [HA!!! *IF*] I don’t need more books) always helps me feel like the reading day is new again!


  17. daniellepitter says:

    I’m still on my first cup of coffee and my body is still shaking from the caffeine lol. Coffee is clearly not for me but I needed it to start my second hour.


  18. Nichole Ovington says:

    This is my first time doing a readathon. So far I am just trying to switch it up if I feel like I’m lagging. Working on a buddy read of Jane Eyre and make it about 5-10 chapters before I need to switch to another book for a break.


  19. Windy Dozier says:

    Took a break by switching to a few comic books and slowly pacing around the room while reading. Now switching to audiobook while I do some laundry and then back to my current main book. Caffeine is helping but I think a ton of water is helping more.


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