Hour 36: Literal Bookends

We’re closing in on the end of readathon, but we’re not losing momentum! It’s the perfect time for another challenge to get you moving and sharing, so get up, stretch, and head back over to your home library.

While you’re walking over there, we’ve got the winners from our last challenge!

Shawntaye Hopkins

Sally Taylor

Ali (@Aliiii0685)

Diana (dnearhos)

Christina Hickey

Cathy Sedge

Jessica Bolton

Alan Compton

Tara Colaruotolo

Abby Mason

For this challenge, we want to see the first book on your shelves, and the last book on your shelves. (Drop your email address and entry into the form at the bottom of this post; you have until Hour 42 to enter!)

I’m always intrigued by the way readers choose to organize their shelves, if at all. Overall, I break things down by Fiction and NonFiction. Within that, I separate hardcover and paperback, and then alphabetize by author. There are a few exceptions, of course; my first bookcase starts out two full shelves of various editions of Harry Potter that my partner and I have collected over the years before flowing into my romance shelves.

I could go on and on, but I know you all would rather see my bookends.

Show us yours, then get back to the books!

7 thoughts on “Hour 36: Literal Bookends

  1. Catie Butler says:

    Hello, I noticed on this form, there isn’t a field for your name. For the winners, I don’t think it’s a good idea to post the emails as the winners name, so you might want to add this field before the challenge is completed. Unless you’re already tracking the names on the back end?



  2. Cara Hart says:

    24 hours is hard! I started strong, at 10:15 PM MST, but then yesterday decided to go to a movie and dinner with the hubby, which cut into my reading time, and slept in this morning, too. Now there are less than 12 hours left, but I need a little over 12 to hit 24. Oh, well. I’ll still get a lot of reading in today. I finished one book and am into another, and I’m enjoying it. I’m also counting the Sunday paper.


  3. The first book on my shelf is Pride and Prejudice and the last is Godfather. It is 1.30 am in the night in India and with this I am done reading for straight 24hrs. I am tired yet happy to have completed the challenge with sheer bubbling excitement and support. I am hitting the bed for some sleep and rest now.


  4. I have them arranged somewhat alphabetically, but size differences annoy me. The first book on the shelf is Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling (even though I own books that start with A and B), and the last is What the Night Knows by Dean Koontz.


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