Hour 21: The Doctor Is In

teal background with 24in48 logo and title, "Hour 21: Check-In: The Doctor is In"

What? You thought this would be the #24in48 where I managed not to draft a post entirely filled with Doctor Who gifs? Pssh. No way. Never going to happen.

David Tennant as Doctor Who leans on a wall and says, "NAH!"

So, since The Doctor is in, as it were, let us know how things are going! Are you hanging in there? Crushing your goals? Struggling and needing a bit of encouragement? Ready for a nap? (I know I am…)

The Thirteenth Doctor gestures and says, "When people need help, I never refuse."

Wherever you are in your #24in48 journey, this is a reminder that you (yes, you!) are doing a great job. Whether you’ve read for 21 seconds, 21 minutes, or 21 straight hours, you’re making reading a priority in whatever way works for you, and that’s an amazing thing!

David Tennant as the Doctor says, "Oh yes!" while wearing 3D glasses.

Be kind to yourself, and give credit where credit is due.

Peter Capaldi as the Doctor says, "Be kind" with dramatic lighting.

And remember…

Matt Smith as the Doctor shouts "You can do it!"

But before you go forth to do the thing, how about some more door prizes? This round of prizes is kindly brought to you by Graywolf Press, a non-profit publisher of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and genre-defying literature whose aim is to foster new thinking about what it means to live in the world today. Door prize winners for Hour 21 will be randomly selected to win one of the following cool titles from Graywolf:

πŸ“• Be Recorder | πŸ“— Machine

For our international winners, you’ll be able to pick between a $15 gift card to your choice of Amazon, Book Depository, or Wordery.

Hour 21 Door Prize Winners:

Sandy Reimche | Jennifer Daniell | Tracy Towley | Heather Hill

Corissa Wallace | Kristen Matti | Shalini Banerjee (international)

Congrats to each of you! Keep an eye out for an email from us to claim your prize.

WE’RE GOING LIVE ON INSTAGRAM AGAIN at Hour 29; this time we’re focusing on our International readers! Join Rachel at 5am EST, 11am CEST for book talk, golden retrievers, the Italian countryside, and more of us not knowing what we’re doing.Β  Β 

Before you go, don’t forget to enter the Hour 18 Challenge for more chances to win great prizes, which is open until Hour 24 for submissions! Want to win a door prize yourself? All you have to do is be sure you’re officially signed up for the July #24in48 and are actively participating online somewhere we can see you!

As in recent ‘thons, we’re aiming to keep track of ALL of the books read during the #24in48 weekend. Enter the titles of all the books you’ve finished in this form, and then pop over to our July 2019 24in48 Goodreads shelf to see what others have been reading during the weekend!

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