Hour 24: Halfway There

(Don’t make a Bon Jovi joke, don’t make a Bon Jovi joke…)

OMG you guys are kicking ass! Taking names! Chewing gum! Turning pages! By the official time clock, we have just hit the halfway mark in this readathon and I’m just so impressed with the amount of hours and books and comics and audiobooks you’re all tearing through. Even if you have no hope of hitting 24 hours, you’re doing an incredible job setting aside quality reading time. And really that’s all that matters.

WHILE YOU’RE HERE, let me remind you: WE’RE GOING LIVE ON INSTAGRAM AGAIN at Hour 29; this time we’re focusing on our International readers! Join Rachel at 5am EST, 11am CEST for book talk, golden retrievers, the Italian countryside, and more of us not knowing what we’re doing.

The best way to mark this midway milestone and the end of Day 1 of 24in48 is obviously with some prizes. Hour 18 winners, your time is now.

If you see your name below, keep an eye out for an email from us to claim your prize! 

Elley MurrayStephanie CarderMemory Scarlett
Mackenzie JonesRebecca SimoninAlex Klein
Melissa OrmondJulia G (julesg)Robin Taylor
Marisa GothieStephanie AurelioAmanda Beverly
Kimberly “Book Queen” ShermanCandice Zablan

Don’t forget to log any books you finish here, and to interact with your fellow readers using the hashtag #24in48.

If you’re heading to bed or heading for more coffee or if you’re like me and it’s the beginning of a brand new Day 2, be good to yourself and have an amazing second half of the readathon.

Because we are…

after all…

halfway there…

Jon Bon Jovi in 80s big hair glory spinning with a microphone

I couldn’t help myself. Sorrynotsorry.

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