Hour 27: Do It. Fierce. Power.

A teal background with the 24in48 logo and the title "Hour 27: Check-In: Do It. Fierce. Power."

Ok, friends. We’ve made it up to and through the halfway point of this weekend. It’s currently 3am for co-hosts Kristen & Kerry, and 9am for Rachel. (K&K are probably asleep right now; Rachel is steering the ship while we get our beauty rest.)

This is about the time that people tend to really need some motivation to keep going, power through, and read on, so here’s a reminder that even if you aren’t going to make a full 24 hours of reading (I know I won’t!), you’ve still got most of an entire day ahead of you to make books and reading and this community (and naps and snacks and whatever else makes you the happiest) your priority.

Leslie Knope air punches with headphones on while saying, "Do It. Fierce. Power."

Listen to Leslie Knope. She knows what she’s about.

And in case that wasn’t enough motivation for you, how about some more door prize winners? This round of door prizes is brought to you by Penguin Random House Audio. Winners will randomly receive one of these audio titles:

📙 Someone We Know | 📗 The Lager Queen of Minnesota

For our international winners, you’ll be able to pick between a $15 gift card to your choice of Amazon, Book Depository, or Wordery.

Hour 27 Door Prize Winners:

Stephanie Dawson Megan FordLaura Newsholme

Congrats to each of you! Keep an eye out for an email from us to claim your prize.

Want to win a door prize yourself? All you have to do is be sure you’re officially signed up for the July #24in48 and are actively participating online somewhere we can see you!

As in recent ‘thons, we’re aiming to keep track of ALL of the books read during the #24in48 weekend. Enter the titles of all the books you’ve finished in this form, and then pop over to our July 2019 24in48 Goodreads shelf to see what others have been reading during the weekend!

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