Hour 24: Halfway there check-in!

Woooooo, we’re halfway there! How are y’all feeling? Amped up and ready to go? Ready for a nap? Somewhere in between?

It’s midnight for two of your hosts, and early morning for the third, so we’re divvying up hosting responsibilities so that everyone can get some sleep. [At least one of your hosts has been asleep for at least 3 hours at this point, because night-owl she is not. Who wants to guess which one that is?]

As we go into the second half of this, remember: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Take breaks when you need them, and don’t forget to check in with other participants to cheer them on when you can!

While you’re here, don’t forget:

  • Follow us on social media for more updates. We’re most active Instagram and Twitter throughout the weekend, though we do try to keep our Facebook page updated as well.
  • Cheer on others! Search the hashtag #24in48, #24in48Readathon, and #24in48GroupRead to see what others are up to, and cheer them on! (Side note on hashtags: For accessibility purposes, we ask participants to please remember to use capitalization in the hashtags.)
gif of five readers underneath a banner reading squad goals

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